1. Scania N113 - Wikipedia

    The Scania N113 was a transverse-engined step-entrance and low-floor city bus chassis manufactured by Scania between 1988 and 2000. The Scania N113 was designed as a successor to the N112. Most of the single-decker buses and the double-decker buses have a double-curvature windscreen with an...


  2. Scania 3-series (bus) - Wikipedia

    The Scania 3-series bus range was introduced by Scania in 1988 and was superseded by the 4-series bus range in 1999. The model designation breakdown is as follows: Main type. F: chassis with engine located longitudinally in front of the front axle.


  3. Scania N113 | Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Scania N113 is a city bus which was first built in 1988 and superseded the Scania N112, it had an 11-litre engine mounted transversely at the rear. It was available as single-deck bus (the N113CLB/N113CRB), articulated bus (the N113ALB), double-decker bus (the N113DRB/3-axle N113)...


  4. Scania L113 - Wikipedia

    The Scania L113 was a step entrance and low entry single-decker bus chassis manufactured by Scania in Sweden between 1989 and 1998. It is a low entry compartment to the low floor N113. The L113 was largely a cross between the N113 and K113...


  5. Scania 3-series - Wikipedia

    The Scania 3-series is a truck model range introduced in 1987 by Swedish truck manufacturer Scania. It is the successor of the 2-series.The 3 series came in a range of different engine sizes and horsepower from 9.0 litre 230 horsepower all the way up to 14 litre V8 500 horsepower engine.


  6. Scania 113 H - Home | Facebook

    • Scania 113 H. Cargo & Freight Company in Maringá.
    • Luquinha & Cia Instagram.com/Scania113h_ #EquipeScania113h ✗ Nicolas.


  7. Scania 113 - карданный вал, характеристики, фото | АвтоБелявцев - автомобили всех времен и народов

    • Купить Scania 113 сегодня можно за 10 000$. Если же карданный вал Scania, что приглянулась именно вам, требует ремонта, или тем более замены...


  8. Scania 113h капотник для Euro Truck Simulator 2

    • Scania 113h – грузовик капотной компоновки разработанный в начале 80-х и выпускаемый бразильским филиалом Scania AB до 2000 года.


  9. Scania 113 H

    • Instagram: scania113h_ Oficial ®.
    • Alvaro Bendo Instagram.com/Scania113h_ #EquipeScania113h ✗ Nicolas. 18 March at 22:04 · Public.


  10. Машины для GTA San Andreas - Scania 113H с автоматической установкой скачать бесплатно.

    • Похожие моды. Scania 113H Top Line Neee Edit. Scania 113H Frontal Caçamba BETA.
    • Scania 124G R400 Hatsune Miku Livery.


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